Film: 7043

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Bitty pieces from comedy film but with Parisian café society stock shots.
Cars drive along road in Paris, France. They drive on the right side of the road. Rear shot of car with a registration ‘F’ indicating the car is French. Car pulls up alongside other car by side of road. Onlookers and driver look at front of car and driver lifts a dog he has apparently run over. Close up of dog’s name tag with woman’s name and address in Paris. Driver indicates he will return the dog.
In room upset woman cries and wipes her eye. Jameson Thomas smiles and eyes her stockinged leg. She is pleased and smiles coyly. In hallway Monty Banks is with maid. He gives her a tip and she turns away to put this in her stocking top. He is able to watch in a big mirror behind her. She is annoyed and flounces off. Two elderly maids or chars disturb Jameson Thomas and lady in room. She is sitting on his knee. Couple seem a bit annoyed.
Good stock shots of real Parisian café society with people passing in foreground. Another shot of same with gentleman wearing straw boater paying his attentions to a table of ladies.
A car chase with nervous man fleeing second car which has man standing up waving his fist.
Woman walks by man and his car in a dark covered are. She drops her handkerchief, he picks it up, sniffs it, puts it in his pocket, gets in car, she following and they drive off

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