Film: 7047

Media | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Voice over added at a later date, but all footage is 1920s.
Inside Elstree Studios, shooting 1920s silent films. On set with a film crew. Camera man and director have their backs to camera. A man switches off a large square rig of strip lights. The set is the large interior of a cathedral. Cats and crew are seen at the bottom of the frame as the painted paper back drop is lifted up to reveal the lighting rigs behind. Close up of man with spotlight. Lovely silhouetted shot of a man with a large lamp on a floating platform raised high abave the rest of the crew below. On the studio floor there is lots of activity. People (including actors) walk around the set. There are step ladders left in between the prop trees which are covered in blossom. A cloth back drop - painted to depict a rural spring time scene - is lowered. The director gives directions and waves his arm about, while the perplexed camera man scratches his head. A man stands in front of camera with a large slate. The production is "Prairie Love". Close up of the camera man looking through his view finder. The slate is turned over and the reverse side is filmed - "No Good Don't Print". The camera man hand cranks his camera. He talks to a lighting technician who directs a large lamp on a stand. The female star walks off set and through the large studio. She walks past another set in the same studio of the interior of what looks like a hotel lobby or foyer. Shots of the action on that set - edited together as it would have appeared in the final production. It is a drama starring Carl Brisson and Lillian Hall-Davies. He snatches a photo frame from her and throws it to the ground. They shout at each other. Her scarf is pulled away to reveal her bare shoulders and our narrator says "Look out for the Hayes Office". Shot of a group gathered around a camera on a tri-pod. Another internal set with girls dressed in belted swimming costume type outfits.
Exteriors - the crew are on location on a beach. They gather round as the cameraman hand cranks his camera. A crowd of onlookers (including children) laugh as they watch what is being filmed - a comedy where a man in a striped dressing gown shoots at a man standing near a beach tent. They chase each other around the beach. The director shouts through a large megaphone, and the crew and onlookers continue to enjoy proceedings. Back inside to the hotel reception. There are free standing lights in the foreground. A man high up in the roof adjusts a light.
On a set below the female lead stands, tied up to a post. A make up artiste comes in and powders her face. This is the set of "Shooting Stars" by Anthony Asquith. The hotel lobby interior appears to be a set for the beach comedy, as the dressing gown man comes in shooting his gun.

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