Film: 7048

Education | 1950 | Sound | B/W


The French Institute in Kensington, London. School for French children. For promoting French culture.

Sign for Institut Français. People walking through the gates. Sign reading Lycée Français Entrée des Elèves. A boy in a classroom writing on a blackboard as a teacher watches, the class sit at their desks. Close up of the boy writing, he holding a book. A boy pupil sits with folded arms. Two girls sitting beside each other. Pupils working. A hand writing in an exercise book. The boy writes a quote in French from Victor Hugo on the blackboard. A religious painting on the wall. Children holding hands with the teacher and moving round in a circle. The children bend down. One little boy is laying down. The children stand up again.

Visitors walking up the stairs. Visitors milling in the hall. The French cultural attaché opens an exhibition of paintings. People clapping. People in the building. Poster for the film La Vie Commence Demain. Brochure showing Jean Pierre Aumont.


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