Film: 7055

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Charlie Chaplin learns about the perils of love when he is made the victim of misread intentions. This silent film sees Chaplin making full use of physical comedy, and via some amusing beards and crossed wires, he finally gets the girl. Lovely.

Charlie Chaplin and a women are sat in an ornate drawing room, the woman sits on a chair and he kneels by her, he takes something from his waistcoat pocket, possibly a ring, the woman takes it from him and holds it to her finger. A maid is seen next to a set of curtains, she is spying on the couple, she turns to the camera and laughs. The woman admires the ring and Charlie walks embarrassedly round the room, tries to sit down next to her on the arm of the chair, and falls over, the woman laughs and Charlie springs up, rolls over on his back again, and sits up , leaning on the edge of the chair, the woman tickles his chin, and Charlie looks coy and twiddles his fingers. The maid is listening behind a curtain again, she laughs and says something to the camera. The woman tickles Charlie under the chin again and takes her hand away, Charlie looks suddenly disconcerted, and puts her hand underneath his chin again, she begins talking and wagging her finger, Charlie kneels up and the woman tickles him again, they both laugh and he sneaks an arm around her shoulder, she pats his hand and he plays with his handkerchief, stuffing it in his mouth, he pulls it out and they kiss. The maid laughing behind the curtain. The couple jump up and the woman rushes out of the room. The woman comes into the room the maid is in and begins telling her off, she shakes her finger and the maid shakes her head and tries to look innocent, the woman points for the maid to leave. The maid walks out of a door laughing. Subtitles in Spanish appear- -'Esta nina me ha puesto nervioso. Dejeme, se lo ruego!' The woman in the drawing room again, gives Charlie his hat and cane. The maid outside runs to a man in a hat gardening, she waves and points at the house, they talk excitedly. The woman and Charlie come out of the house and shake hands formally. The gardener and the maid laugh, and the gardener kisses the maid, and they laugh again. Charlie stumbles down the steps of the house. The maid and the gardener see Charlie walking and grab each other in a panic, the maid hides the gardener behind a bush, and as she tries to run away she falls, Charlie runs forward and picks her up and she puts both her arms around his neck and hobbles. The gardener behind the bush is watching them. Charlie helps the maid walk. The maid and Charlie stagger to a bench and sit down, the maid keeps her arms around his neck. The woman watching from the house looks shocked. The maid puts her leg over Charlie's knee and shows her ankle is injured, Charlie pats her knee but the maid tries to put his hand on her ankle. The woman by the house looking angry, she marches off to the bench. The maid jumps off the bench when the woman arrives and tries to explain to the woman, the woman points and the maid walks off. The maid walks pat the house, turns back, and says something sulkily. The woman stands by the bench with Charlie. Another subtitle screen saying 'Tome su anillo. No quiero volverle a ver jamas!' the woman shouts at Charlie, and gives him his ring back, he falls down onto the bench again, jumps up, and the woman points for him to leave, Charlie looks upset, puts on his hat, and storms off. He stands by his car shouting. The woman shouts back by the bench, and walks off. Charlie steps into the back of the car, shuts the door and stands there shouting, the car starts and drives off, and he falls into his seat. The woman stamps back to the house, and shouts at the maid on the front porch. The gardener, not hiding in the bush, watches and runs off. The woman points inside the house and the maid begins to walk indoors, the gardener runs up to the house with his hat in his hand, and talks to the woman, he explains how the maid fell over, and holds her hand to show the maid is in love with him, not Charlie, and the woman nods and understands.

Charlie sits in another drawing room and holds up a drink, he swills it in the glass, and drinks it all. A man eavesdropping in the next room laughs and points at Charlie's room. Charlie twitches his moustache and stands up, rubbing his stomach, he blinks and clenches his fists. The man next door laughs again and slaps his leg. Charlie walks around rubbing his stomach. We see the man spying on Charlie. Another subtitle screen saying 'Una vision del inevitable destino'. Charlie sits at a chair at the end of his bed looking shocked, and grabbing his stomach, he clasps his head and stares into the distance. We see Charlie standing in front of some flames, with two men dressed as devils with capes and horns either side of him, they poke him with pitchforks and then trap his neck both of their pitchforks and force him to jump up and down, they then push him forward into the flames. Charlie in his bedroom grabs his hair as he stares into the distance, and reaches forward, terrified and shouting. The man who has been watching Charlie appears in his room and holds up the glass he has been drinking from, laughing. The gardener runs across some grass, he stops, looks at a piece of paper, points and runs off. Charlie in his bedroom pulls some awful and scary faces, he staggers backwards holding his stomach, and falls over on his back. The man spying on him laughs again. The gardener reaches a building, he checks the piece of paper and runs inside. Charlie is holding his stomach and moaning, he waves his other arm and staggers around, he pulls the curtains down on himself and falls over. The gardener comes into the drawing room where the man is spying on Charlie , he speaks to the man and the man laughs and points to Charlie's bedroom. Charlie is stood up and struggling with the curtain over his head, he finally rips a hole in the curtain and pops his head through, he sits down exhausted. The gardener comes into Charlie's bedroom, Charlie is sat on a chair wearing the curtain and moaning, the gardener speaks to Charlie and hands him an envelope, Charlie opens the envelope and wincing at his stomach, reads it. Close up of a hand written letter in Spanish, the writing is difficult to read but seems to say 'Carlos, Hubo amor. Le amo mas que nunca. Tu Sadita'. Charlie leaps out of the chair with joy and falls backwards, he rolls over, stands up, rips the curtain off him and jumps on the gardener, hugging him. Another subtitles saying 'Demasiado tarde. Me he envenenado!' Charlie leaps forward onto the gardener, who falls over. Behind the curtain, the spying man is pushed over too. Charlie leaps over the chair, kicks it and grabs his foot in pain. The spying man falls on a settee laughing, the gardener jumps up and runs out of the room.

Charlie grabs his stomach again, grabs a telephone, and begins to speak into it. Two men with amusing beards are sat in a room, one of them answers the telephone. Charlie gestures frantically to his stomach while speaking on the telephone. The man with the beard hangs up the telephone, picks up their hats, and both men rush out of the room. The gardener rushes through a field. Charlie clutches his stomach and his hair, and runs to the drawing room. The spying man is hidden behind the curtain while Charlie does somersaults on the settee, jumps up and stuffs his coat in his mouth. The two doctors get into a carriage, and a man in white with a cross on his back gets on at the front to drive the horses, and another ambulance attendant climbs onto the platform at the back of the carriage, and the they ride off. The man spying on Charlie laughs as Charlie rushes off. We see the gardener running along a road. The spying man escapes from behind the curtain and out of the room, Charlie comes in with a bottle, waving his arms, he tries to take a drink, but has stuffed his handkerchief in his mouth, he takes it out and drinks from the white bottle, pinching his nose. The ambulance carriage rushes along. Charlie more of the white bottle in his bedroom and pulls a face, wiping his mouth with his hands. The gardener runs along a path. The ambulance carriage gallops along a road. Charlie drinks more from the white bottle, then throws it away in disgust. The man in the drawing room laughs at Charlie. The gardener runs to the woman's house and talks to her, she mimes drinking from a bottle and fainting, and she and the gardener run off . The ambulance gallops along a road. The woman and the gardener stand by the side of the road, a horse drawn carriage pulls up, and they get inside. The woman talking and looking upset inside the carriage, the gardener puts an arm around her. Charlie in his bedroom, clutching his hair. The spying man laughing at him from behind the curtain. A carriage draws up to the curb, and the two bearded doctors and ambulance attendants rush out. The woman in the carriage, crying and shaking her head, and being comforted by the gardener. Charlie falls to his knees in his room and raises his hands in prayer. The laughing man falls on a chair laughing, and the two doctors rush in and grab him. Charlie declaims in agony to the ceiling. The two doctors talk to the man, he shows how he poured some liquid into the glass Charlie drank from, from a glass decanter, then he points to Charlie's room. Charlie is kneeling on the floor crying and praying. The man puts the glass down and laughs, and the two doctors join in laughing. The woman in the carriage clutches her hair and looks distraught, talking to the gardener. The laughing man points the doctors to Charlie's room, they laugh and slap him on the back, wag their fingers at him, and rush into Charlie's room. Charlie is kneeling on the floor pulling his hair, the doctors laugh and take off their hats, one of the doctors grabs Charlie under the arms and shakes him up and down, while the other picks up a chair that had fallen over. The laughing gets up and peeks through the curtain. The doctors sit Charlie down on a chair. The woman in the carriage clutches her head worriedly. One of the doctors holds Charlie down while the other come towards him with an instrument that looks like a small stick with a looped end, Charlie struggles and waves his legs around. The man spying laughs. The carriage stops and the woman and the gardener run out. The woman and the gardener run up the steps of Charlie's house, the gardener falls over. The woman rushes into the drawing room, and she and the laughing man talk. Charlie and the doctors struggle and all three of them and the chair fall over. The laughing man shows the woman one glass, and then another, pointing out how Charlie got them confused, and the woman waves her arms happily and runs into the bedroom. The woman rushes into the bedroom and pushes the doctors away from Charlie, she holds him by the waist and talks to him, he smiles and waves his arms happily. The laughing man leaves the drawing room. The laughing man enters the bedroom and speaks to Charlie, Charlie shouts at him angrily. The gardener rushes into the drawing room. Charlie kicks the laughing man. He falls backwards out of the bedroom and lands on the gardener running in, the two men get up and kick each other, and fall over again. Charlie kicks one of the doctors, who falls over. In the drawing room the gardener and the laughing man are fighting, the gardener is on the other man's back. The two ambulance attendants in white overalls standing by the carriage hear the noise and rush to the house. Charlie and the woman are fighting the doctors. The ambulance men fall backwards into the drawing room followed by one of the doctors, the gardener and the other man are still fighting. Charlie kicks the other doctor out of the bedroom while the woman waves her hands. The doctor falls into a pile along with all the other men in the drawing room. Charlie and the woman embrace in the bedroom. All the men in the drawing room stand up, and the spying man puts a finger to his lips and they looks through the curtain. Charlie and the woman embrace, and behind her back Charlie dusts off his dirty hands. The word 'Fin' appears on screen.

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