Film: 7081

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Extract of feature film that tells story of football match between Trojans (amateur team) and Arsenal (professional team). Two men shaking hands fades to close up of Arsenal Football Club programme for 1938-39 season. Camera pulls back to reveal programme seller (complete with official hat) and crowd of football supporters. Rosette Seller. Arsenal manager talking tactics to team in boardroom. Arsenal are about to play amateur side: Trojans in Arsenal dressing room. Shots of commentators. Arsenal football team coming out of tunnel onto football pitch at Highbury, Islington, London. Stadium looks packed. Trojans come out. Two glamorous women seated in stadium applauding as two teams prepare. Commentators, band leaving pitch, referee planting ball on centre spot. Two captains shake hands, Arsenal kick off. Two women are anxious. Trojans attack, Arsenal attack, clock moves on 15 minutes. Heckling from crowd. Trojan player injured, has wet sponge treatment and smelling salts. Woman concerned in stadium. Player comes round. Near end of first half. Arsenal score goal. Film includes: George Allison - Football Club's manager; Leslie Banks - actor; E.V.H. Emmett - commentator.

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