Film: 7095

Feature Drama | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Melodrama about husband who gambles.

Husband and wife, Owen and Gertrude, at home with their young daughter at a table. They kiss. The husband goes to play cards in a salon or bar with other men. Gertrude's brother Frobisher comes to visit her. He plays with his niece. Gertrude starts crying. Her brother comforts her. He goes to where her husband is gambling. Gertrude stays at home looking upset. She goes to the window and looks out of the curtains. Owen loses at cards to his (unknown) brother-in-law. Owen comes home and confesses, Gertrude is holding the toddler. Owen kisses his daughter then wrings his hands in anguish. He thinks about suicide. He takes a gun. His wife finds the gun drawer empty. He puts the gun to his head then realises it has no bullets. Frobisher comes back and explains who he is and gives Owen back the money. Happy final scene with Owen cuddling his daughter.


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