Film: 7101

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Billy Bevan jumps off platform onto huge ball and bounces off. Man in top hat and nightshirt gets into bed. Bevan and man push ball against each other. Bounces against wall and pushes bed away in next room, then knocks man over. Billy makes play of being strong-man. Picks table up by one leg and balances on finger. Also weight marked 1500. Women applaud. He walks away holding table in air. Punches boxing dummy, it fights back. Coach gives advice. Dummy moves unaided. He knocks it down and counts 10, triumph, then it rises up and hits him. Dives into water tub, big splash, shakes himself like a dog. In boxing ring, jumps on opponenet. Manager finds wad of cash in bag and sneaks out. Girl tells Billy, he chases. Manager takes washing off line. Billy drives after him. Locomotive chase scene, car drives onto train, car nearly falls off train wagon. Two trains run side by side. Switch onto same line, car and Billy fall off front train and he drives on. Stops, flags down manager in second train who drives off. Trick shot where Billy drives car out of telephone kiosk-sized hut marked "garage". Two cars crash head on. Wrecked.

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