Film: 7113

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Extract of " Black Sheep of Whitehall" with Will Hay.
Doctor and nurse pushing old man in wheelchair. He speaks up and gets knocked on the head with a hammer. Men in suits run down stairs. Youth on bicycle gets knocked off by doctor and nurse in car. Old man in wheelchair unconscious and tied to back of car. Bicycle boy questioned by man in suit. Suited men drive after doctor and nurse. Boy gets knocked off bicycle again. Nurse appears to be a man in drag. Comical car-chase along country roads. Wheelchair swerving. Bicycle boy invites cars to run over his basket. Soldiers are setting up a roadblock and look horrified at oncoming cars. Men in suits are caught behind the roadblock. Nurse runs into a telephone box to make a call. Suited men get through roadblock and speed onward. Nurse runs back to car and doctor drives on. Shot of Big Ben and tram. Board meeting. Men walking past a bus-stop carrying brass instruments. They begin to play on the street. They are playing the Argentine national anthem which (distracts and) stops an Argentinian politician in the meeting from signing papers. Doctor and nurse run car through gates which close on the wheelchair as a train approaches. Old man wakes up and cries for help. Train and second car both approach. The wheelchair makes it through. Cut to meeting. The papers are just about to be signed when another national anthem is played. Wheelchair comes loose from car and careers down path, behind a group of cyclists, and between two buses. Doctor and nurse fail to notice old man's absence. Car and wheelchair on motorway. Nurse stretched between the two holding onto wheelchair. Nurse switches places with old man. Meeting continually interrupted by anthems. Wheels come off wheelchair. Man bailing hay, which covers nurse, along with flock of geese. Car runs through lake. Chasing car crashes. Doctor and nurse and defunct wheelchair arrive in London and end up beside an unexploded bomb, which goes off as they run away from it.

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