Film: 7114

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Globe spins. Tribesmen row boat down river in Equatorial Africa. Long shot of native with basket on head. Native with spear and basket gets into canoe. Woman takes water container form head and fills it. Tribe council sits in ring. Elders all nod in unison. Warriors sit with spears. Natives carry dead deer on poles. Bare breasted women. Fisherman with catch tied to stick. Women prepare food over flames in cookhouse. Man shins / climbs up coconut tree. Cuts coconuts off tree. Bananas cut from tree, carried on head of young woman. Children dance. Young child brings herd of young goats. Women sit together outside huts, couple thatch roof of hut. Elderly people eat. Elderly men smoke pipes. Witch doctor. Men beat drums. Witch doctor dances. Women kneeling, dancing, men clapping, lots of dancing.

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