Film: 7119

Personalities | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Behind the scenes on a Bond movie
Sean Connery. Film that shows the making of a fight scene used in 'Diamonds are Forever'. Sean Connery as 007 James Bond fighting with gun man in ascending lift / elevator. Camera pulls back to reveal another camera filming the action. Connery rests in lift, looks as if he has hurt his thumb. Film crew discussing the next scene. Actors choreographing a fight scene as Connery and gunman look on. Connery and actor / gunman rehearse scene in slow motion. The actual scene: James Bond enters lift with man, shot from above. 007 checks time. Medium close up of window in lift breaking as James Bond's back goes through it. Shots of the two fighting. Director calls 'cut', Connery leans his elbow against wall of lift. Two stuntmen are Bob Simmons and Jerry Clampton.

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