Film: 7126

Adverts | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Two lengthy comic adverts for Oxydol washing powder,
'Arresting Personalities' with Vic Oliver and 'Leave It To Us' with Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen.

People watching greyhound racing at a course. Hands tearing up a betting slip. Torn up pieces of paper betting slips on the ground. Two men talk about the dog race. They hatch a plan to get arrested. A policeman approaches. Man playing a violin in a police cell. He sings through the bars of the cell, there are shouts of protest. Bowl of soap suds. A happy looking woman wearing an apron washes clothes in a wash tub. The image of the woman is multiplied to fill the screen. A packet of Oxydol tips up and pours out powder.

Bud Flanagan sits sleeping with his head in his hands, he is wearing a flowery apron and cap. His bossy wife comes into the room and reminds him to do all the washing and cleaning while she is out. He kisses her goodbye. He says something under his breath, she turns round and he pretends to smile. Chesney Allen goes to knock at the front door but the woman opens it and he knocks on her nose instead. He joins Flanagan in the kitchen, he is washing clothes in the tub. They carry the mangle and wash tub into the parlour so that they can listen to the radio. Allen removes his jacket. Flanagan crouches down to tune in the radiogram, listening to the radio. They listen to Mrs Dogsbody's programme and say Good Afternoon to her. They follow her instructions and test that the water is hot. The radiogram standing in the corner. Allen squirts soda water into the tub. They argue about how much starch she said to add. Flanagan goes to the radiogram to ask, a woman lifts the lid of the radiogram up and tells him. Flanagan says Blimey. They wash clothes on washboards in time to the music. The music gets faster and water splashes everywhere. Flanagan lifts up the lid to protest and a man with lipstick on his cheek pops up. Flanagan stands on a chair to hang washing up in the parlour and Allen uses the mangle. He turns a portrait of a woman the other way round so she faces the wall. He catches his finger in the mangle. They argue, slap each other's faces and fight with the soda siphon. They throw things at each other and spill the water. Nelson appears in a portrait and comes to life. A cannon fires. Flanagan and Allen with blackened faces.

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