Film: 7144

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Nature through the eyes of a small boy.
A boy lies on the grass, he is observing crawling insects on the grass. Close up of black ants. The boy lies on his back. Close up of the boy's face. A cat on a tree. An aeroplane. A three quarter moon in the sky. Tree leaves. While lying on his back, the boy watches a girl walking. The boy rolls over. Close up of a fly's eye. A grasshopper. Close up of the grasshopper brushing its eyes with the "brushes" present on its front feet. The boy turns around to see what is behind him. Close up of the grasshopper's head, it is eating grass. The boy tries to catch the grasshopper. Close up of a snail, its eyes are at the end of long stalks. Close up of the snail's long stalk to show the tiny eyes. A side view of the snail. Close up of the snail protruding from its shell. Close up of a crab and a further close up of its eyes which are at the end of short stalks. Close up of a spider, it has four of its eight eyes are visible. An ostrich's head, its eyes are on the side of its head. Close up of an hawk's head, the eyes are on front of its head. An owl turns its head either side. A bear. A koala bear eating leaves. A tiger eating a piece of raw meat. A female lion. A rabbit. A prairie dog. A hippopotamus lying in water. Profile of a llama's head, it has long eyelashes to protect it's eyes from dust. It's a very fine-headed llama and may just be young, or could be a guanaco. Close up of a horn lizard’s head which has thick eyelids. A goldfish. Pelicans. Close up of a dog's face. A montage of human children's faces. When a boy takes off his glasses, he sees a blurred dog. The boy puts on his glasses and the sees the dog clearly. A boy looking mad at something, the then looks happy. A boy holds a worm in his hands, he then puts it sown on the ground. Close up of the worm burrowing into the soil. A boy playing, he suddenly blinks to get sand out of his eyes, he goes to an adult who wipes his eyes for him. A boy painting a fish. A boy shields his eyes from direct sunlight. A boy reading a book. Close up of the boy's face while he is reading. Close up of the page the boy is reading. The boy looks out the window at the night sky.

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