Film: 7146

Entertainment + Leisure | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Features Buck Hurst (Associate of Magic Circle). Magician does tricks and illusions for children.
Magician greets children. He turns his cane into string of handkerchiefs. Close up of magician smiling in his tuxedo. Floating ball. Ball is covered in cloth which rises in the air and ball appears above the edge of the cloth. Audience of children wear party hats and do not smile. Boy emerges from audience to act as assistant. Magician wraps wand in roll of paper which he crushes into a tight ball. he produces another wand from his sock. Man pours milk into glass and moves to throw it over children, but streamers come out instead. close up of two girls smiling and clapping. Conjuror pulls long streamer from boy's pocket. Boy puts his hand in a bag and pulls it out empty. He tries again and pulls out an egg. Boy puts eggs into another bag. He holds wand whilst conjuror holds bag on a stick. Boy waves magic wand over bag. Bag is turned inside out and is empty. Conjuror gives boy scissors. Man holds rope. He folds rope. Man cuts rope and pulls it back together again. Audience looks bored stiff. Man lights paper and covers can. He lifts lid and reveals five pieces of fruit. Card trick where conjuror apparently squeezes cards so they get smaller. Boy waves magic wand.
Buck Hurst bows to camera and disappears in a cloud of smoke (camera trick).

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