Film: 7149

Medicine | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Reconstruction of Pasteur's life. Vaccination.
Micrographs of bacteria, under a microscope, people walking in vineyards, bottling wine, scientist, presumably Louis Pasteur, works in an old fashioned laboratory, detail of equipment, isolation of bacteria, growth of cultures, larvae, moths, caterpillars eating leaves, silkworms, larvae crushed and examined under the microscope, grass burning, man in suit shows bacteria under microscope to peasant man, chicken is injected, Pasteur watches chicken in cage, crowd scene, men and women in Victorian dress talk, sheep in pens labelled "vaccines" and "non vaccines ", sheep injected. Mother brings boy with bandaged hand into the doctor's surgery, doctor looks concerned, mother cries, child in hospital bed.
Interesting example of censorship when injections take place.

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