Film: 715

Railways | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Footage of real steam trains / locomotive / railway engines, as well as model railways.
A steam train come out of a tunnel, it goes under an arched bridge 1930's

'Are you interested in railways and the modelling of railways to scale?'
Various shots of metalworking, woodworking, creating a landscape for model trains etc 'You are. Then this film will appeal to you'
An exhibition LNER locomotives and rolling stock. Visitors looking at a real steam train. People climb onto it to look in the engine carriage or locomotive. People being hoisted up in a LNER carriage. Miniature railway - people sit on it and go for a ride.
Real engine number 4482, Engineer shows people the engine.
'Meet Mr Hart, the owner of a five inch gauge railway' Miniature railway with Mr Hart sitting on top of a carriage as the train travels along the track, Mr Hart's knees are almost dragging on the ground. The train travels around the garden of a large house. The miniature engine puffs steam.
'To the same scale a Tilbury Tank built by Mr A Pole'
Mr Pole straddles a miniature railway locomotive. He is at a village fete and he has laid out a some track and gives children a ride on the train.
'The famous model village and railway at Beaconsfield'
Visitors admire the model village, model trains and ships.
'Mr J Nottage builds super detail wagons scale 7mm = 1ft'
Mr Nottage at work. He displays a wooden carriage he has made various carriages and rolling stock.
'Mr Worralls '0' gauge railway'
Mr Worrall's model railway in his house. He operates the controls as the train travel around the living room. Model station name as St Kilda. The signals change and the train moves off.
'A visit to a southern railway engine shed'
Men alight from a real steam train. Men watch locomotives and rolling stock. Locomotive number Southern 928 & Southern 861 & Southern 488 being loaded with coal.
'An exponent of free lance modelling Mr GP Keen'
Mr Keen and his model railway locomotive couples with carriages. Close up and low point of view of the locomotive on the track.
' Mr Turner favours the scale of 3 1/2 mm = 1" for his railway.
Mr turner watches a train go around his model track and a model station.
'North by LMS 1043'
Real steam locomotive couples with carriages. A railwayman tightens the engine to the carriage. Signals. Train pulls out of the station and travels under a bridge and through countryside.
A model railway travel around a garden over a bridge and on top of a wall. Man adjusts something on the model engine. Model train couples with a carriage and it travels around the garden track.

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