Film: 7153

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Towards the end of World War Two, scrap aircraft are used as materials to produce prefabicated houses to ease the housing crisis.

A huge aircraft scrapyard ( could be the one near Aylesbury ) where planes are reduced to produce scrap metal including aluminum. Airplanes being cut up. Sorting the scrap and putting the pieces into a smelting, casting furnace then the recycled metal into ingots. Then the metal is rolled into sheets for use in making prefab houses. The aircraft included are a Hurricane, Wellington, Lancaster and HF 130 coded W.
A Vickers Wellington.
Footage of factory producing prefabricated housing. Homes on the production line. On site, houses being put into place by teams of builders. Brief shots of the interior of one home once the occupier has moved in. Exterior shot of the completed building.

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