Film: 7163

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Nigeria ? French Africa. Niger

African countryside. River Gorge. Mud houses and rock cut houses. Children playing instruments. Boy climbs tree and cuts branches for goats to eat. Two boys dance. Getting water - carrying on head, irrigation, baby on back. Villagers pound grain. Climbing, rocky path to homes. Chickens. Tribal statue. Homes look like termite nests. Terraced cultivation. Building walls. Thatched roofs. Mud bricks. Plaiting hair. Making pots (not on wheel). Spindle. Sorting threads and weaving. Pounding grain, winnowing, grinding, mixing, peoples' decoration. Fortune telling on floor. Hieroglyphs. Painting on walls. Skulls embedded in walls. Use of blood. Tortoise.

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