Film: 7165

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Copenhagen Agriculture conference, with world speakers.

A French politician stands at a rostrum and addresses an assembly, he talks into a microphone. Then we see a large forest fire, and a collapsed bridge, possibly bombed, and gutted buildings. An old oriental woman eating noodles with chopsticks, from a small bowl is seen.

We then see construction workers digging, then putting bricks into a wall as they construct it. There is an agricultural scene of a field being ploughed and sheep in a different field. We then see a tall building absolutely raised to the ground, it crumbles and then falls. The French politician finishes speaking and then leaves the rostrum to rapturous applause.

Title: "Renovation"

An interior, showing girls at a table, with many cans of film on it, some of the cans are open and they are reeling tape through some large spools. Some of the labelled cans are stacked upon shelves. A man on a stepladder hands some cans down to a girl who then drops them!

Title: "Collection Du Ministere de L'agriculture"

We see a rural scene, with farmers carrying hoes on their backs, walking through woodland, toward camera. They are seen raking up hay and grass. There is an interior of a child and woman at a table, in a kind of café. The café proprietor speaks to the child. Another child is then seen running along a street, and falls over next to where two policemen are standing talking. They then give chase to the boy, who runs off. A portly man is seen through a telescope, eating at a table, with a white napkin tucked in his front.

Back in the film archives, film cans are put into boxes.

Title: "Parmi Nos Ecoles"

Some nice gardens are seen. Students then rush out of building, some wearing white coats, clearly they are students. We then see pigs in a sty, and a tractor driving across a farmyard. Then a woman feeding geese in a yard, with some kind of grain. Some men lead horses across the yard, in single file. We then see a kind of washer woman holding up a big goose (very nice shot). A tractor is seen ploughing fields.

Some men with a kind of early version of a strimmer stand in a field overgrown with weeds and tundra and survey it. The film then comes to an abrupt end.

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