Film: 7168

Sport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Promotional film for ten pin bowling.

A sign appears: "AMF Bowling"

The narrator explains about ten pin bowling in Corby, England. He states the dimensions of the wooden bowling alleys, the bowling ball, and the pins.

A middle aged couple walk into the bowling alley in Corby and we see a good interior shot of different lanes of the alley, and the various people sitting waiting for their turn to bowl.

"Depending on their size, children can begin to bowl as young as seven." - A boy in a striped short sleeved shirt bowls a ball, his dad comes up to him afterwards and gives him advice.

Some businessmen come into the bowling alley after work for a game. We are told that international fashion has recognised ten pin bowling, and we see some girls wearing bowling socks on a catwalk, also a woman in a yellow bowling sweater, some young boys watch the catwalk models with interest.

Apparently there can be two to five members on each bowling team, and that the teams can be made up of either men, women or mixed. Each bowling alley proprietor takes an interest in the game of the bowlers, lending his expert knowledge.

Young people are shown bowling toward the camera - we are told: "It takes a ball in just the right place to topple all the pins."

A refreshment kiosk is shown, with a young boy drinking something from a cup, with a slightkly older boy, and an older woman, who is apparently their mother. They then walk off as a group. A woman in a waitressing uniform pours some coffee into cups that sit on a counter, and then a girl comes and takes one. There is then a line of people standing by a kiosk, a young man stands at the bar of the bowling alley, it is then explained that licensed bar in most of the alleys.

We then see the wooden floors of the bowling alley being cleaned by an industrial cleaner, it moves slowly across the floor, brushing as it goes.

Newcomers to the bowling alley are standing at the front desk of the alley, showing that they must register and that new people are always taken care of. The female newcomer is shown how to bowl by a male instructor, the narrator tells us that when all the pins are knocked down by a single ball, it is called a strike. Some of the bowlers are seen keeping score on sheets.

One bowling ball is seen coming back to the front of the alley on a conveyor belt, after it has been thrown. A machine descends and resets the pins for the next player. An 'all in one' machine is shown polishing the wooden floor.

The narrator tells us that it doesn’t take long before each player develops his/her own individual style. However, "strength alone does not guarantee a strike". A woman looks pleased as she gets a strike.

The narrator explains that bowling crosses all boundaries, and we see some Chinese/Japanese people enjoying a good bowl.
"10 Pin Bowling is fast becoming the international sport, everyone loves, everywhere"

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