Film: 7173

Sport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Man skis past. Caption: Ski Instruction by Friedli Wyss.
Shots of Swiss Alps. Three skiers on mountainside. Man on toboggan tackles one of the Cresta run bends. Woman on horseback drags a woman or girl on skis behind and a group of people on sleigh lose control and steer into deep snow. A crowd of skiers file into the cable car. Shots of Swissair jet taking off and inside the pilot's cockpit. Views of the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps.
A cable car makes its way up the mountainside. Skiers relax sitting outside on the restaurant or bar balcony.
A group of children on skis await their ski instruction. Friedli Wyss, the head of the ski school in St Moritz wearing sunglasses talks to female skier.
Shot of different types of skis placed on the snow. Old wooden ski with leather straps originally made for walking. Friedli Wyss demonstrates the safety binding of one ski, which is being held up by a colleague. He then picks out a set of skis and demonstrates how to find the correct length ski - that is the tip of the ski must reach above the head. Next, Friedli shows the correct way of holding ski sticks or poles. Gloved hand goes through the strap and grasps the top of the stick. He then tightly fastens his ski boots after which he demonstrates the walking on snow with skis exercise and simple turning manoeuvre. Following this he shows how to ski with straight skis, on a small slope, bending the knees frequently. The braking or stem position is where he indicated that the points of the skis must be almost together, the snowplough position. Friedli proceeds to exercise skis running down a hill before braking with the snowplough position. Climbing up a hill with skis is demonstrated as a sideways manoeuvre - skis parallel sideways to the hill. The next exercise shows how to turn left or right in the snowplough position. When turning left, weight goes on right ski and turning right, weight transfers to left ski. Friedli repeats the whole turning exercise again before demonstrating the traverse position, weight on the bottom ski and the upper ski is just in front of the bottom ski. A balancing exercise whereby the upper ski is lifted and put down is shown first while stationary and then in the course of a ski. Friedli chooses a flat part of the hill to show the kick turn - placing the sticks behind him, lifting the left ski and placing the bottom edge into the snow before bringing it down parallel to the right ski. The right ski is now brought around into line with the left. This manoeuvre is next shown with the right ski being lifted first etc.
Friedli provides further examples of the traverse and stem (snowplough) positions whilst skiing down a small slope and demonstrates these movements again. Close up of Friedli, skis in his hand, overlooking a class of skiers on the slopes. A group of skiers make their way down the mountain. Caption - End title.

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