Film: 7175

Adverts | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Romance with Dog Owners 1930's

Extended advert for Sherley's Dog Tonic powders.
Red setter, a man's dog, Scottie taken for walk by woman, puts lead on small dog. Man and woman argue about the behaviour and condition of their dogs, woman slaps man's face when he suggests her dog is not as fit as it should be. Man walks through village with dog, man talks to girl about dog tonic, man and dog play, girl and woman with dog go for picnic, woman sleeps, dog rescues girl when she falls in river, punting on the river, lots of flirting man and woman kiss. Lots of village and rural life.

Title card: Martindale Marksman, "Love my dog" with Leslie Bradley and Luanne Shaw. Directed by Neilson Baxter. Photographed by Ronald Neame. Edited by Cecil Williamson. Martindale Marksman as Mark. Leslie Bradley as Peter. Luanne Shaw as Joan. Jacqueline Grafton as Peggy. Biddy, Charles Benet of Ware, Michael of Snowdonia and The Cairn Twins.

Dog wagging his tail. Irish Setter, Mark, eating something while male voiceover narrating story about his master - Peter, and the widow next door - Joan, from Mark's point of view. Shot of Peter's legs sitting in chair, cleaning out his pipe. Shot of Joan's legs sitting on couch, teddy bear on floor by her feet. She has a daughter named Peggy, and a dog named Biddy who lazes around on her bed. Peggy is near Biddy trying to get her to play.

Back to Mark telling the story, as Peter waited to see if Joan was going to take Biddy for a walk, Mark is shown lying down waiting while Peter paces around the room. After some time, Mark is now asleep but Peter is still pacing, when they hear Joan call Biddy for a walk. Mark wakes up and Peter stops pacing.

Joan puts leash on Biddy and opens garden fence gate. She starts walking Biddy while Mark and Peter start walking towards their gate as well. Mark is not on a leash. Peter opens the door and lets Mark out first. They quickly run into Joan and Biddy. Joan and Peter cordially greet each other and make small talk. Peter joins Joan on her walk but Biddy is tangled around Joan. Joan says it's Mark's fault and that Peter should control him better. Peter nicely tries to explain it's not all his dog's fault, but as Joan continues to insult him, Peter defends him and points out that it's a miracle Biddy is even fit at all. Joan takes offense and slaps him across the face. Joan asks him to let her pass, which he does, and he and Mark continue on their walk.

Voiceover continues listing off friends Mark saw on his walk. Going across the bridge - the Colonel - black Scottish Terrier(?) with a bandaged front right paw. In the village, Springer Spaniel(?). In an area with houses and a person on the sidewalk, one cyclist, two Cairn Terriers.

Peter is grooming Mark in his backyard. There's a beach chair and outdoor wooden loveseat. Mark notices something and Peter looks up. They see Peggy watching them. Peter invites Peggy to come over and explains what he's doing. He shows Peggy that Sherley's Tonic and Condition powders are the reason Mark looks so well. The packet says "Sherley's Tonic & Condition Powders. An invaluable tonic for all Dogs…Cleanses the Blood, improves the appetite…and tones up the system in general. Nine tasteless powders. Large. For Dogs over 35 lbs. 6D." Peter gives Mark the powder then strokes his neck. He recommends to Peggy that Biddy should take some. Mark runs towards his ball and Peggy and Peter play with him. Joan comes out of her house and notices Peggy playing In Peter's backyard. Joan calls Peggy back even though Peggy doesn't want to. Peggy complains to her Mom that Mark is active and likes to play whereas Biddy doesn't do anything. Her Mom argues that this is because she's been brought up well. Peggy goes to Biddy who's lying on the ground, and tries to engage her in playing, but Biddy doesn't care. Peggy sees her Mum reading and not paying attention to her, and then looks enviously at Peter playing with Mark.

Two days later, Peggy is going on a walk with her Mom and takes Biddy along. Her Mom is carrying a wicker case maybe for a picnic? Mark's voiceover continues - Mark was at the open garden gate and sees all of them walk by. He goes to Peter and barks, wanting to go for a walk.

Cut to Peggy and Joan walking across a sunny hillside, until Joan notices that Biddy is missing. They look down the road and notice Biddy ambling on. Peggy goes to Biddy while Joan looks on.

Peter and Mark cross the bridge. Mark is pulling Peter so he takes off his leash. Peggy convinces Joan to stop at a nearer field. Joan hops a fence, while Peggy and Biddy go under it. Peter and Mark are continuing their walk. Joan tells Peggy to come get her when she's hungry. Peggy looks at Biddy who's tired and not moving again. Peggy runs down the hillside and sees the river. She runs towards the river while Peter and Mark continue their walk. Peggy manages to get inbetween a gap in a fence. Joan has now fallen asleep. Peter and Mark take a break. While Peter rests on a large tree stump, Peggy comes to the edge of the river. Ominous music plays. She sees ducks. Peter and Mark are still resting. Joan and Biddy are still asleep. Peggy throws stones at the ducks to try and get their attention. Soon after, Peggy is yelling for help and for her Mommy. Mark hears her, jumps up and runs into the water. Joan is still asleep. Mark is swimming towards Peggy. Peter notices what's happening and gets up. Mark is still swimming. Peggy is In the water. Peter runs and dives into the water. Mark gets to Peggy first. Joan is still asleep. Peter now has Peggy, and him and Mark head back to shore. Shot of Mark, a little drier, sitting amongst the brush.

Fade to Peter punting down the river with Mark, towards Joan, Peggy and Biddy. Joan is reading Peggy a story with Biddy on Peggy's lap. Peggy notices Mark, Joan greets Peter. Mark jumps off and Peggy feeds him a snack. Peter asks how Peggy is and Joan replies that it's difficult to get her to rest. Peggy asks her Mom to get Sherley's Tonic for Biddy and Joan says she'll look into it. Joan tells Peggy to say goodbye to Mark and to rest. Joan thanks Peter and he and Mark set off.

Later, Peggy runs over to Peter's place where Biddy and Mark are socializing. Biddy runs to Peggy instead of just lying down. Peter and Joan are kissing in the distance. Peggy decides to leave, Biddy barks at Mark to leave and he follows. Joan breaks the kiss and looks over to see Peggy, Mark and Biddy watching them. Joan and Peter look at each other.

Back to Mark and voiceover. He says that Biddy's been a different person since taking the tonic. Also, he would never have been able to save Peggy if he hadn't taken the powder. He says that dogs should tell their masters to get it.

"The End"

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