Film: 7177

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Oil fields in Canada. Derricks, oil workers. Pipeline. Rows of cars in a queue drive forwards slowly. A man carries a petrol can to his car and pours the petrol in as his wife stands by. The children watch from the back of the car. A man runs with a pipe containing oil for heating from a truck to a house over snowy ground. Three planes in formation in the sky. The streets of Edmonton, Canada. Buildings under construction. Neon signs for Natural Gas, bars and restaurants. Couples dancing in a dance hall. Men in checked shirts doing country dancing with women. A band called The Rocky Mountain Bluebirds plays. Calgary. Men playing cards and smoking. Men in a boardroom. Drilling for oil. A bird covered in oil is picked up. Men in a laboratory separating oil from sand.

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