Film: 7178

Farming + Rural Life | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Farming in 1960's Finland during the summer.

View of a farm in Finland, which stands at the side of a lake. The camera focuses on the farmhouse, which is made of wood. The farm is being run by a brother and his three sisters, who we see having dinner. Oats and barley are the two main crops of this farm; shots of the fields in front of the farmhouse. During the summertime, the farmers have more work than usual, as they need to prepare for the harsh winter. Montage of the family making simple tripods using wooden poles, in order to dry the hay. They are also going to be needed, though, for stacking the barley, as the narrator notes. Close ups of the crops. Montage of two farmers harvesting. One of the sisters is making bread; the narrator informs us that the dough is being made from rye and barley - which makes its taste a bit more sour. She works it into cone shapes. The other sister chops up wood, which can be found in large quantities in the nearby forests - coal would be a luxury. She picks up the pieces. The oven is being prepared for the baking of the bread. The loafs are being carefully put in the oven. Close up of the chickens. The chickens are being fed by one of the sisters. The family is having a lunch and the dinner table of full of goods; milk, butter, eggs, salted fish, tomatoes and green vegetables, amongst else. A small herd of cows is being brought into the farm for milking. One of the sisters is milking them. Close up of her doing the job. She then puts the milk into a can, while the narrator gives us a bit more information about the dairy industry in Finland. Despite the shortage of green vegetables, there is an abundance of berries, which can be eaten raw or cooked and be used to make wine; an old lady collects blueberries and cranberries from the ground. The forests are the main source of wealth for the Finnish farms, covering three quarters of the land. A woman chops up wood. Shots of the farmhouses, which were built from timber grown in the district. Close up of the basket full of blueberries - which are then going to be sold in a market. The eggs will also be sold in the market; one of the sisters collects the eggs, inspects them and cleans them. While big farms send their eggs for packaging before being taken to the market, a basket can also do the job for these farmers. One of the sisters walks to the market with the basket, while her brother follows with a tractor, which carries bottles of milk from the previous evening's milking. The journey to the nearest market is long, as the farm is quite isolated; the sister takes the bus when she gets to the big road. The eggs are bought by one of the market shops. Shots of the open market, where the sisters meets with some other farmers from the same area. Montage of the barley stacking process. Every member of the family helps; no wonder why, considering how great is the weather. The task has been completed successfully. Long shot of the farm and the fields. The long hours of sunshine during the summer allows the farmers to work until late in the evening. More long shots of the farm and the nearby landscape, while the narrator notes that the farmers need to be very well-prepared for the winter if they don't want to struggle for seven months.

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