Film: 7180

Science | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Man in seat-contraption wheels over and positions himself under what was then the world's largest telescope.

Text reads: "Relays send seconds through Arlington Wireless Station". This is illustrated by a clock with pendulum swinging. Machine counting the seconds.

Text reads: " Chronograph checks up transmitter against records". Chronograph needle describes a pattern on a cylinder of paper while a strange flux takes place in a jar-shaped instrument to the side.

Text reads: "Aerial system". Three pylon-type aerials thrust up into clouds.

Text reads: " Yerkes Observatory. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin."

Text reads: " World's largest astronomical telescope."
man in white hat [perhaps the engineer we see again later] walks in front of three dome-shaped observatories in a garden setting. Close up of the largest dome.

Inside the dome two engineers or astronomers make adjustments to the telescope, pointing to this and that.

Interesting, slightly disorienting scene viewed through the telescope [it seems] in which a man passes a doorway onto a garden appearing as a double or ghost-image owing to the mirrors inside the telescope.

One of the engineers pulls a rope. Text reads: "Revolving Dome." close detail of dome ceiling revolving open on wheels and pulleys to reveal the sky.

Engineer climbs a spiral staircase with shafts of daylight pouring in from above and great metal wheels and cogs to the right. Close detail of dome ceiling opening and telescope moving - a vague dark sort of 'industrial' scene.

Surface of the moon [?] comes into view. Close up. Film ends abruptly.

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