Film: 7187

Media | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Two films together - the "Odeon Grand Opening Night" at Muswell Hill in 1937, with Mr. Oscar Deutsch in attendance, together with "The Romance Of Odeon" detailing the quick rise of Odeon cinemas.

Odeon Grand Opening Night - Opening of Muswell Hill's new cinema. Long shot of cinema. crowds, Oscar Deutsch head of Odeon circuit - in black tie. Mayor of Hornsey, councillor J. Winkley J.P - outside cinema entrance - Deutsch and Mayor shake hands. Basil Rathbone - talking and smoking outside cinema.
Wolsey - famous comedian. Crowds laughing and waving. Actor Richard Barthelmess with his wife Jessica Stewart Sargent. Police struggling to keep crowds back. Joan Gardner (wife of Zoltan Korda), Derek De Maurier (?) and Hazel Chariot (?). Crowds enter the cinema.

'The Romance of Odeon' Various shots of Odeon cinemas. Crowds of happy working class people. Pistons, weavers, molten metal, film. Scaffolding - construction of cinema - The Odeon Leicester Square.

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