Film: 7197

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent + Sound | B/W


Pacific Canada

Map of Canada showing location of British Columbia.(with very British voice over)
Two men are sawing down large trees in forest, then shows waterfall and river (with potential for hydro electric power). Then general shots of farmland and river valleys.
An un-named port on the coast with ship in the dock.
Then a history lesson with a map about the discovery of this part of the coast first by Francis Drake.
At 2'14 shots of the countryside and tourists in cars - one stopping with people looking at the scene. Shots of the Rockies with snow topped mountains.
Horses with riders going at a slow pace through the Rockies and men fishing in the rivers. A couple in rowing boat and then shots of people skiing. And some others mountain climbing. Fertile areas in lowland - man with pony and trap comes out of farm where animals are grazing. Shots of irrigated valley where most of Canada's fruit is produced. Tractor going slowly through an apple orchard. Apples in boxes on a conveyor belt. Sheep and cattle seen on the hills. Hen houses with chickens coming out. Man seen weighing and boxing eggs (they are mainly sent to Alaska).

4'34 Men with axes chopping large trees. Logging continues into the winter - train seen leaving with logs. They are taken to Tightwater and then onto sawmills on the coast. Various shots of timber being loaded for export. Woman in factory piling up layers of wood (plywood) Men seen loading up poles which are produced in Canada.Forester seen checking size of tree - they classify forests and decide what they're best suited for. Man at top of watch tower looking through binoculars to check on any forest fires, he then uses telephone.
6'23 cable car comes up the mountain, very brief shot of small plane on an airfield being loaded up. Men on wooden structures precariously catching salmon as they come back up stream. Lots of salmon caught in nets. Exterior of canning factory by the sea with fishing boats . People in factory where tins are seen on conveyor belt.
Large salmon are also packed into boxes with ice to be sent to rest of Canada and United States.

More shots of boxes on coneyor belt. Then countryside with waterfall and shots of electricity line (for use in manufacturing industry)
Lumber mill in one of the big cities, smelting plant amd shots of ship building.
Shots of houses, and schools on the west coast which are famed for their beauty

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