Film: 7199

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Filing system with letters on file. Schoolboy writes to girl about Swiss railway in Switzerland. Man reads German Swiss newspaper. View of Swiss village. Outside school. Boy in class learns about electrification drawings of train on his desk. Girl writes about custom officers. Swiss street " Luino - 14 km . Old man with basket on his back. Regrets passing of steam. steam train on viaduct, Alps in the background. Girl watches steam train leave. Watering a locomotive. Electrification of the line. Little girl talks to the priest inside the church. The poles go up to carry the current. cable going up. Boy watches with sack on his head. Beautiful alpine scenery. Station at " Magadino - Viva " guard sends off steam train, girl in carriage watches lake scenery. The testing car. Inside the testing car. Picture of train. Dream sequence of steam train trains and girl. Connecting electric current. Italian trains arrive in Switzerland. People shake hands on bridge with two flags of Italy and Switzerland
Opening day, children wave Swiss flags when first electric train arrives. Electric train though Swiss scenery.

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