Film: 7213

War + Military | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


An amateur film of a group of British sailors in North America during World War Two.
B/W footage: Moored yachts shot from a moving boat. Motor boat at sea or on lake (again shot from moving boat). Men in water being towed behind boat by rope. Three men in swim wear on sail boat at sea. Sail boats at sea. Men in swimming trunks relaxing on a beach. Crab scurrying across sand. Crab being held in the air by a man's hand. Shots from moving car on coast road: cars pass, sea to the left. Man diving into swimming lake from bank. Two women in a park or garden joined by large family posing for the camera. Women in swim wear sunbathing on banks of a river. American cars of the 1940s, one of them is stuck in the sand. Official building in classical style, a soldier enters through main entrance, probably Pensicola Air Force Base (see film 7212). Crane digging. An airbase. A train.
Colour footage: Two officers (Royal Navy) with two women. City scape (brief and dark). Sunset. Wake of large ship at sea. Rainbow on distant horizon. Royal Navy officer posing for camera on shore. Storm clouds. Sunset over road as car drives into it. A town in the U.S.A.. The side of a ship at sea (shot from the same ship). The same ship's wake. Sunset over the sea.
B/W footage: City sky line (probably New York or Chicago, North America). Camera pans abruptly to reveal large buildings. Shots from high buildings of the streets below. A lake from ground level. A winter scene with snow covering a road and the surrounding countryside. A car with people standing in front of it in skis. Car and snow covered road. A man picks up a thermometer to show camera the temperature (but we can't see it). Skyscrapers. North American city street scenes from ground level, looks like New York. Shot of railway lines from rear of moving train. Shots from moving car passing through some sort of check point. People drinking at a bar (shot from the outside looking in). Car on road, a leafy suburb in America. Wake of a ship. Man in vest on side of ship with children and a woman. Man putting on a balaclava in a snowy street (he looks very silly). Steam train on bridge over road (snowy scene). Men skiing, some of them fall, others are more successful. Women in swimsuits in row boat (shot from the other end of the boat). Crab scurrying across sand. Four people playing in the sea or a lake. Back on a ship and a net full of fish is pulled on board. In the sea a small shark is seen. Men fishing from the side of the boat with rod and line. Sailors with balaclavas on running, one slips and his hat blows off. Blizzard on a military base. More shots of people skiing (in formation this time though).

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