Film: 7217

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Intertitle: "Important Find Of Moa Bones".
Landscape - swamp in North Canterbury (New Zealand). Excavation shots: men digging with spades and shovels in trenches, and sorting through the rubble by hand. Close up of soil being removed from a buried bone. Shot of leg bone of dinosaur (bird-type) in ground. Close up of spades in ground. More Moa bones are uncovered by hand, and a skeleton begins to emerge. A man scrapes at the earth between the bones with a pick axe. He crouches in the trench and makes a sketch or drawing of the bones and their position. He also measures the relics with a ruler and records the details. The bones begin to be removed from the excavation site and are passed out of the trench to other men and women. The bones are various: femur, tibia, metatarsal. Smaller remnants of vertebrae and ribs are sorted from the soil by hand. An ornithologist demonstrates the operation of the jaw from the skull of the bird. The leg is assembled by a woman and two men, and held up for the camera to see. The bones are from the dinoris - the largest species. The pelvis is shown, and the bones are carried off in a wooden box or crate. They are washed in a river and brushes are used to scrub and clean them. The bones are roughly laid out in the form of the skeleton on some grass.
Intertitle: "Eighteen Footer Yachting Championships"
Shot of yachts without sails on the masts, on the banks and shore of a natural harbour. People are gathered around sorting and tying ropes. Close up of an open boat, ropes and rigging continue to be organised. One vessel is afloat and the sail is pulled up. Shot of the yacht with both sails hoisted - the mainsail and jib. The contest is mainly between the Australians and the New Zealanders. The Australian boat has a much longer bowsprit, and therefore carries more sail. The competition is in an Auckland harbour - "Widermatter". The Australian boat is launched. Wide shot of the water with lots of sailing boats. There are many spectators in the foreground, some are standing by their cars. Shot of the road around the waterfront with many parked cars and traffic. A boy and a man look through telescopes towards the race. People are also gathered on the decks of the Auckland harbour ferry - a steamer? Shots of the race underway - the yachts are in full sail, and there are close ups of the crew in the boats. Shot from boat, over the bow, of water. Spinnakers are hoisted on the yachts. Nice shots of sailing boats with canvas billowing. Shot of yacht as she jibes around a buoy. The second race is started by pistol from a steward's boat. The races continue - further shots of the boats with waves and spray splashing around them.
Intertitle: "The End".

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