Film: 7218

Fashion | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Film explaining techniques to prepare material and textiles for sewing. Probably part of a series as this film appears to end abruptly (although the credits are intact).

Woman stands at a bench with a display of pink and printed cotton cloths beside her. Close up on her hands stroking the fibre. She holds up squares of pink and white cloth. She holds up paisley printed chintz. Woman holds up green corduroy and flannelette. Denim held to camera. All squares arranged on bench. Narrator explains the weaving pattern in each of the above.

Same woman unfolds a large square of green cloth onto the bench and puts a smaller red piece of material over the top. Close up of the red cloth. Narrator explains the "grain" and "Bias" of the fabric. Woman cuts a strip from the red material leaving a raw edge. Woman discards red fabric and looks at the edge of the green cloth. She snips the finished edge of the material (the salvage). She pulls a crosswise thread so the material bunched up along a straight line. She cuts the material along the bunched line. She cuts a nick in the salvage and tears a strip off.
Woman checks that the material is now on grain. The edges do not meet so the fabric is off grain (seen in close up). Material is pulled across the bias to correct the grain. Woman steam presses the material to correct the grain. She pins the material before using the steam iron. Fabric is now grain perfect.

Woman takes new, pink material and arranges it to check the grain. She takes straight pins and a thimble and pins the folded material together. Narrator tells us that "Straight, accurate seams result in fashions that fit". End credits.

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