Film: 7229

Road Transport | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Promotional film of Coventry Motorbike laboratory. Testing strength of fork of motorcycle. All processes in making of motorcycle, including making gears, wheels etc. Setting the frame. Some of the men in the laboratory or factory wear suits and others wear overalls. A young woman puts on a tyre. Forging the fly wheel. Brakes being fitted. Road testing bikes on a hump-back bridge and on a straight road. Cornering. Emergency braking.

Bike and sidecar used together with trailer for commercial Whiteleys deliveries in West London (?). Sign on the trailer reads "Furnish at Whiteleys. Catalogue free. Queens Road London W2." The driver closes up the trailer and drives off, several men wearing hats watch from the pavement. Another motorbike and trailer is used for milk deliveries, it drives along a street. There are two milkmen, one carries large cans of milk to doorsteps. A horsedrawn cart passes with a sign redaing "Great Western Railway".
"Holiday problem solved at last." A bike and sidecar tow a caravan to a field near Windsor and the River Thames. A woman drives the motorbike, another sits in the sidecar and another emerges from the caravan. The jolly hockey sticks girls have a camp fire and cook. They go to bed in the caravan and drive off the next morning. The woman in the sidecar wears a woolly hat with large bobble.


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