Film: 7234

Railways | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Moscow by Train, Russia, from Harwich.
Railway station, journey starts in the U.K., boarding a train, filming the departure and view back from train of cameraman on platform, passengers sitting in comfortable looking soft chairs, are seen, followed by a view of the countryside rushing by the train. There are shots taken from either side or the train, showing the open countryside going by at speed. We are next on a boat, where we see a gangplank being moved away, and also some passengers on board the ship looking out over the rails of the ship. The boat moves off out of the port and there are shots of the waves thrashing about under the ship. Some old people in soft chairs look out through the portholes in the ship, then we see what could be the captain of the shipping the engine room (he wears a flat cap and a neat white shirt, under a navy blue uniform) There is a shot of a ship, possibly this one, possibly another, from another boat. A seagull flies past and the camera focuses on it for a moment.

Sailors in caps and shirts are seen on the deck of the ship as it pulls into the dock, one of them throws a rope to a man on the quayside who secures it to an iron post. Some families have disembarked from the ship and are carrying suitcases along the dockside. Then some men in jackets board a train , marked 'wagon - lite'. The train then leaves the station, and the station staff wave to the camera from the platform as the train carries it away. The train is now rushing through twig light. Two men are sitting at a table with a bottle of beer or wine in front of them. There follows a shot of train carriages going through a station tunnel. Passengers carrying suitcases stand on a station platform waiting to board a train. Some men at the table of the diner car await some refreshment. In the same diner car, an old fellow sits reading a book. A ticket inspector looks at a man's passport to check that it is all in order. The train reaches a station where we see a close-up of the sign: "Poznan Peron 2A". A driver then climbs the stairs of the train engine here and gets inside. The train then moves off from the station, and we see a shot of train tracks rushing by. A train then pulls into Warsaw station. Inside the dining car of the train a burly middle aged waitress serves three men who sit at a table.

Some very strong looking coffee is shown being poured into a silver handled cup, and is then sipped by one fellow. Another portly man in a suit counts on an abacus. At an Eastern European looking city (possibly Moscow) some Slavic looking people , including women in headscarves, queue to buy something at a station. Some more scenes from Moscow, including Pedestrians walking along the road, shoppers walking along the pavement, and trams moving along the street and then coming to a halt at a stop. A mother in 1940's wartime-style dress (black, with white polka dots) holds the hand of a young child in a sailor suit. There is a long and wide street with high rise tenement buildings either side and St. Basil's Basilica ? At the end.
Some 1950's style cars are driving on the street in question.

There are some shots of very regal royal looking carriages, with large wheels and gold framed carriages, looking very much like the ones the queen rides in. Inside the Moscow underground system, with terrific chandeliers and grand pillars and columns, between which the commuters walk. The tube train moves off from the right to left, looking just like the London Underground.

Outside an official looking building, a statue of Lenin stands, pointing. There are also some shots of very plain looking tenement buildings. There is a huge square surrounded on three sides by very large, stately buildings. Finally, we see the city of Moscow as filmed from a river very close to the city.

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