Film: 7237

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Zambia, Africa.
Dr Kaunda returning from conference, steps from aircraft, lays foundation stone. Minister of Home Affairs observes immigration officials being trained. Barrack square marching. Map, reaching. Night camp erection. Construction of school prefabrications. Minister inspects classroom. International Airport, aerial shot. Construction. Tree felling. Levelling machinery, tractors. DC 10 airplane, overhead. Gala performance, dressing room, preparations. President and wife take seats. 'King and I' performance. Conductor, dancing, audience clapping. Caribou aircraft, technical run down. Landing, loading, shots whilst in flight. New coinage, man enters shop, owner points to 'new money' poster, man takes jar of money to bank. Overhead shot of changing money, clerk counting cans, handing over notes, clerks working in bank, sorting, counting, destroying notes with guillotine.

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