Film: 7239

Railways | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A day in the life of Waterloo Station just post war, trains arrive and leave.

The station clock. Bundles of newspapers being loaded off a train. Passengers and people seeing people off. A newspaper kiosk. Commuters getting off the trains, men and women going to work. Taxis outside the station. Porters with trolleys. Troops get off the troop train and stop at the tea trolley. The boat train from Southampton arrives. People with luggage. Children and families. Man sweeping up. Men working on the tracks. Porters drive luggage carts. People waiting for the boat train to depart. View through the train window of a dining carriage. Waiters waiting on the platform. People waving the train off. Steam. A woman dabs her eyes with a tissue. A man runs for a train, opens the door and gets on as it moves away.

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