Film: 7240

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


The coming of the diesel train and an age of 'push-button tidiness' for Britain's railways.
Shots of diesel speeding past cars alongside a motorway. Shows 'Flying Scotsman' on its last journey with its private enthusiast owner, Alan Pegler, archive footage of it in its heyday, and then the new diesel 'Scotsman'. shots of new engines 'coming fast off the production lines', drivers going back to school to learn how to drive them, new 'foolproof' power, operated signal box at Tollerton, North Yorkshire, new long-welded sections of track being laid, and new flyover at Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. Visits Railway Museum at York, Yorkshire, and shows overgrown, derelict station at Westerham, Kent. Shot of restored L.S.W.R. no. 488 on the Bluebell Line, Commentary stresses benefits of smokeless diesel. 'The railmen are moving into the world of the image-makers'. Shots of 'The Palatine', named locomotive, whose 'glamourous name' is highlighted. Also sequence showing 'the backroom boys' testing models of a transparent carriage on a 'linear induction motor' at Manchester University, to illustrate that diesel may quickly become obsolete also.

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