Film: 7241

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The film is a promotional film about the beauty of Hampshire.
There is a map of Hampshire , and we are told that it is 1,623 square miles, with Winchester being the county town. It is explained that the Isle of Wight is also a part of the county as well, the principle rivers are also shown.

We see Aldershot town, whose only claim to fame is that it is the home of the British army. British troops are shown marching in formation. Basingstoke is then seen in long shot. There are some good shots of open rolling countryside, along a former Roman road we arrive at Winchester, with an opening shot of what looks like Winchester College. "Winchester is the very germ of the British Empire" it was also "the stronghold of the Romans, and the Saxons" We see another good shot of Winchester, including the cathedral, seen from ground level, panning up to the top of the building.

Outside of Winchester, there are scenes of farmland, fields and bushes. Making our way to Portsmouth, (there is a shot overlooking Portsmouth harbour). Some houses are seen in Portsmouth. There is a shot of the HMS victory in Portsmouth. It is stated that there is little industry on the Isle of Wight, it is mainly agriculture. Apparently Cowes is the 'Mecca for yachtsmen'. There is a shot of a coastal beach looking down on it from up a steep cliff, with a few people sitting near the lap.

Then the film moves on to Southampton "it is not a beautiful city" confesses the narrator. We see some ships in the dock, including some big liners. There are then some scenes from within the 'New Forest', which apparently "stretches for miles, North and West of Southampton. There are scenes of some ferns in the new forest, with some few trees scattered around. For many generations this part of Hampshire has been forest land. We see horses in a sunny field, seen from between trees in the shade. There are then some shots of a horse running in a sunny field, through open woodland. There is then a group of horses standing together, eating the grass together. There is a also a pig in the wild, which the narrator describes "dig and root out acorns".

The narrator states that "timber from the New Forest has been used to provide ship building materials for our earliest navies, dating back to the time of Alfred"

Beaulieu ? (a garden), is seen looking picturesque. It is situated on a river, where we see swans swimming. The tour finishes in Bournemouth, where the narrator says "England has certainly no finer seaside resort. An all year round place". The film then closes in Bournemouth, with the narrator summing up the finer features of the county and all the good aspects to a visit there.

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