Film: 7253

Industry + Work | 1940 | Mute | B/W


Industry during World War Two.
Dunkirk retreat. A Dunkerque sign for the town . Burning ship. Deserted roads, with smashed vehicles, soldiers on ships. Man smoking, working at drawing board. Man using calibrator. steel works, men hammering. Woman lifting cog, measuring size. Women on production line, measuring cogs. Overseer watching women. Men steadying heavy suspended thingy (sic). Production line tanks, lorry chassis. People queuing at sign saying ' Vacancies '. Sign on wall says ' Train to win '. Leaflet, ' Training for War Work in the Engineering Industry '. Women in headscarves. female overseer assists woman worker. Male supervisors help. Use of lathe and measuring. Machine cutting. Sign says " Work is Victory. Wherever work is done, Victory is Obtained. "

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