Film: 7258

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The day in the life of a Beaufighter squadron (British) during World War Two in the Western Desert, North Africa. A cockerel crows and day begins. A solitary soldier walks through tents pitched in sand. A pilot of a Beaufighter washes and throws a colleague out of his bed. This man has to fight off a scorpion. Two men making breakfast outside. Cat and cockerel eating from plates. Loading and cleaning the Beaufighters' machine guns and cannons. Beaufighter's crew embarking and starting up engines. Take off of aircraft. Shot of cockpit with German kills indicated by a row of swastikas. Squadron of Beaufighters airborne and subsequently attacking ship at sea (from point of view of plane). Attacking convoy crossing desert. Control room back at camp. Beaufighters returning to base.

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