Film: 7260

Politics | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Rural and Urban life in Madrid, Spain with anti-upper class commentary and music in the background 1930's

Men, women and children sit around outside a rural house. The house is made of stone, with a wooden roof. In the foreground is a spoke wheel of a carriage. A man leads a donkey across the screen. Close up of earth being ploughed. Two donkeys draw the plough through the earth while a man walks behind the plough to guide it. Trees surround the field. The man wears a waistcoat, carries a stick and wears some sort of a hat. Long shot of a hill with a large rock formation at the top of it. Trees are in the foreground. Sunset/ sunrise over a hill in silhouette. A man in silhouette rides a horse as he drives cows, also in silhouette. They ride towards the camera. He the carries a pole under his right arm. A man on horseback with a large pole leads a herd of cows to the left. Behind him another herd stands around. A bull runs across screen and stops to face the camera. Other bulls lock horns in a play fight. They are in a field full of full of bulls. A man leads bulls into a field, followed by another doing the same. The man rides past on a white horse. He wears a white "cowboy" hat and carries a long, thin pole about 12 feet in length under his right arm. He carries it horizontal to the ground. He rides into a walled bullring. Opposite the entrance, a small crowd watches, Two more men ride up behind the bulls and close the gates to the bullring. They too have the same long wooden poles.
Anti-upper class commentary (land ownership).

Bullfight - in a small bull ring (Music in background + narration)
A large black bull rushes out of a door to the side of the bullring. The door is held open by a man. A few spectators watch above the door. The ground in the bullring is dusty with patches of grass. The bull rushes at the matador several times but misses as he pulls away his cape. The matador runs off. The bull makes for the "picador" on horseback lances the bull in the back of the neck. Bull charges at a matador holding up his cape. At the last second he moves the cape and the bull rushes past. A man sits on a horse which is wearing armour plating. The man carries the long wooden pole and fends off the bull as it charges the horse. The matador holds his cape to mimic the angle formed by the head of a charging bull.

Close up of an orange tree. Close up of an orange. Women pick oranges in the grove. Their hair has been put in tight buns on either side of their heads. The women pick oranges and place them in a container. They wear white short sleeve blouses and dark skirts. Shots of the grove of orange trees.

An olive grove with row upon row of olive trees. Two men place large tarpaulins made of natural looking fibres on the ground beneath an olive tree while a dog watches their progress. The two men, now in the tree, beat the branches with a 3 foot long, thin sticks. They whack the silver -leafed branches to release the olives. Close up of an olive branch with olives. Close up of olives on a branch. A man in the tree hits the branch. Olives rain down on the tarpaulin placed below the tree. Hands pull olives from their branches. Two men pluck olives off the branch and drop them into a grass woven basket. A wooden ladder stands next to them. A man stand son the ladder and picks olives. A woman's hands scoops a pile of olives into a grass basket. A man throws olives out of a grass bucket into a makeshift tarpaulin catch all. It's held together by sticks and a ladder. Close up of olives being put into grass baskets after being plucked off the ground. Several women kneel in front of a row of baskets and pick the olives off the ground before dropping them into a basket. Close up of olives landing on olives in a basket. Two men dump a large grass basket into a huge container full of olives. Two quick working shovels fill a grass basket with olives. When it's full, two men grab the handle on each side and walk off. A man dumps a basket of olives into a conical metal vat suspended from the ceiling. Conical rollers crush the olives as they rotate. Olive pieces fall off a little ledge as they get crushed. A man fills a bucket with crushed olives and walks off. The man drops his load of olives into a circular grass, flat tube which has a wooden pole in the centre. As each tube fills up, a new one is placed on top, thereby creating a circular stack of grass rings and now looking like a stack of pancakes. The grass stack is built up until its about 10 feet high and then pushed by three men into an olive crushing structure with four metal poles and open sides. Close up of machinery working lad to a close up of the grass tubes where the olives are held. The machines crushes the olives. We see the oil trickling down the side of the grass casing and ultimately out of a single funnel at the base of the structure. Close up if a container catching the oil. A man stands next to a large vat of oil. He ours a bucket of golden olive oil out. Close up of the oil pouring out of the bucket. Men and women sit around a bowl of olive oil(?) and spoon it into their mouths . A boy with a beret-like hat takes a mouthful of something off a spoon then wipes his nose. An elderly man takes a long drink out a jug. Olive trees in the grove,

Urban Life in Madrid, Spain
Slow pan across the buildings of Madrid. Snow covered peaks are in the background. Close up of a statue of a man. A tram runs past the entrance to the underground. The sign says "Metro". Men and women exit the metro. Men sit and have their shoes shined just outside the metro exit. A statue of a lion with paw over large round ball, guarding a multi-columned building. A woman with her son admire cheese, sausages and other processed meat in a shop window. A man with a huge napkin around his neck tucks into a big chunk of meat, possibly ribs. He eats with his bare hands.

****** Transfer to DVD finishes here.

Possibly at the time of the Spanish Civil War, and possibly Republican, communist / socialist propaganda.

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