Film: 7262

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A film that focuses on the male dominated hobby of model car building and racing 1940's

Men and women on a flat roof in London watch a model car speeding around in circles. A blackboard with a table drawn on it detailing lap speed, owner's name, number of laps. A row of model cars. Focus on a model of the 750cc Magic Midget Sports Car. The cowling is removed revealing the engine. Voice over explains how the model works. Cowling replaced by its builder, Mr. Cruikshank, who then begins to work on a lathe. A model of the 3.2 litre Alfa Romeo designed and built by Mr Jones. Mr. Jones sits on a work bench and indicates how this car has rear wheel drive. The detail is incredible: leather upholstery, spring suspension all made at home. Mr. Kerwin and his model car, 'the Kerwin Special'. Technical details are given. All these cars are regularly run on the London rooftop seen at the beginning of the film. They travel up to 60mph. Two men at a drawing board discussing how to reduce the weight of the car. Man testing model engine in the workshop. Experiment in workshop to discover the speed at which the solid tyre leaves the wheel. Man at breakfast table finishes his cup of tea, leaves the table by walking behind the woman opposite and goes into his workshop via a trap door in the floor. He begins to saw and measure pieces of material for the construction of his model racing car. Model car travelling at speed on rooftop race track, man using stop watch. The spectators watch, their heads turning together (as if watching tennis).

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