Film: 7263

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


A tourist's view of Paris with commentary by an American male 1950's

The Eiffel Tower. Views of the Seine, Paris, Europe, from the Eiffel Tower elevator during its descent. Ground level beneath the Eiffel Tower, people milling about. Man in lederhosen reading guide book (a German tourist?), he looks up at the Tower and so does the camera. Views from the top of the tower: Palais de Chaillot, the Ecole Militaire. Man sitting on bench with map on lap while eating baguette. He passes something to female partner who is sitting next to him. Horse drawn carriages on the Champs Elysees. Gendarme directing traffic (who is described as 'handsome and polite'). Horse seen from the front of the carriage that it is pulling. Arc de Triomphe. The flame beneath the Arc that is always lit in memory of the unknown soldier. Aerial view of Champs Elysees. Café with tables outside on the Champs Elysees. Waiter serves a table. Women walking past. Waiter serving another table, this time with beer. Tuileries: artist painting in the park, children on donkeys along paths. Place de la Concorde: much traffic, the obelisk, the statues in the Place. River steamer lowering funnel to pass beneath bridge on the River Seine. Bridge over the Seine. Book stall on the bank of Seine. Rue Rivoli: flower sellers. Busy food market (aerial view), closer view of sellers and purchasers. Salon of a fashion designer: women sitting in opulent looking room, models enter in evening gowns. Busy streets of Paris. Crates of champagne being removed from van and carried into restaurant. Pommery champagne bottles laid horizontally. Chef turns steak on grill in restaurant kitchen, pours out chips / French fries. Man and woman eating at restaurant table being served by waitress. Famous restaurant, Tour d'Argent, exterior and view of Notre Dame from the interior. Walking towards rear of Notre Dame along Seine. Male artist in hat painting the view Place du Tere, Montmartre, child painting in street. Towers of Sacre Coeur. Wedding procession through street. Bride and groom at head followed by people including a drummer. Pigalle, Montmartre, neon lights come on as night falls. Double bass being played in bar, young people dancing, jiving and drinking and smoking cigarettes. Tabarin, champagne being corked and the fizzy liquid flowing down the sides of the bottle. The Can-Can. Champagne being poured into glasses.

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