Film: 7269

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Newsreel great events compilation 1940's

Football players cheer, airship crashes, coronation procession, man in striped bathing suit dives head first into shallow river, young women in petticoats emerge from caravans, (Titles).
Early beach scenes, paddling and swimming(Victorian), young people play in sea, young women in bathing-costumes, people alight onto beach from liner via flimsy gangplank, car full of young people is overtaken by a man on penny-farthing, man cycles off end of pier, Victorian fairground-merry go round, swings, roller-coaster, people in boats, crowd scenes-women in costume, picnic, punting, Royal Ascot, buses, people ride bicycles alongside buses on London streets, car jumps over ramp, specialized car with huge roll-bar overturns. Special car rolls over again, racing car drives out of building, down steps. 'Both-way' car moves forward, backwards as two drivers face each other, circles. 'Driverless' car pulls up,man gets in, various shots of driverless car. Car jumps over building and smashes, motor-racing crowds cars at starting line, racing along Brooklands track, some suicidal racing along banked track, car veers into crowd, mowing people down. Hindenberg airship in flight, collapsing in flames.
Man jumps off pier into sea with 'wings', man with 'wings' on roller skates, man cycles flightless flying contraption, odd planes try to take off, Wright Brothers-1903, first take off, Billy Bleriot, couple dance the charleston on top of car, dancing girls, ballroom dancing, scantily clad girl dances, comedy dancing, women's motorcoach day out-dancing to accordions, fat lady catches another younger woman in her arms.
Steam train - whistles, pistons, shovelling coal, various track shots, man waves flag, peasouper - fog or smog, air pollution traffic lighting, lighting lamps, etc.

V.Good retrospective full of useful and entertaining early footage.

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