Film: 7270

Places + Locations | 1980 | Sound | Colour


The contemporary way of life of the Eskimo or Inuit people 1980's

The polar ice pack. Shots of some picks on the ice pack. A snowmobile. Eskimos dancing, while others are playing drums. An Eskimo woman. Eskimos dancing. Shots of some Eskimos watching. A fox dotting on the ice. Walrus in the water. A polar bear. A white rabbit. An aerial view of some mountains. Sea birds flying around some rocks. A close-up of a bird. The ice pack. An Eskimo disc-jockey. An Eskimo village. Two young Eskimo men singing and playing a guitar. View of an ice street in a village. Sledges drawn by dogs. A wide room in which a meeting is held. On a wall behind a man sitting at a desk, the picture of Queen Elizabeth III can be seen. A man with a headphone is talking. An aerial view of a village. A trait of the coast. Red blooming flowers. A man watering an allotment with a watering can. Children, in swimming suit, playing on a beach with sand. Children playing and splashing in the water. People rafting down a river. Eskimo people dancing. Workmen at work on a oil platform. A helicopter. A snow-plough making its way through the snow. Explosions in an open-air mine. A (kind of) Hovercraft. A ship. Workmen installing a telecommunication dish. A man in the snow talking into a transmitter. Flames rising up from a chimney. A snowy road in a town, cars and people passing by. An aerial view of part of the town. A man on a motorised sledge going through a wood. The man is now shooting with a rifle at some animals in the distance. An animal (maybe a caribou) is killed and then skinned with knife. Two Eskimo children in front of a computer screen. A close-up of one of the children's hands on the keyboard. A marmot. Blooming flowers. Caribou roaming. A musk ox. A man is singing. An eagle. The man singing. The polar bear moving on the ice pack. The man singing and playing a drum looking out over a river. A panoramic view of some mountains encircling some water. Spectacular view of a blazing red sky.

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