Film: 7272

London | 1960 | Sound | Colour


London and the River Thames 1960's

People climb onto boat at Westminster Pier. Shot of crowded boat. Long shot of Houses of Parliament. Tracking shot of underside of Westminster Bridge. County Hall, the GLC Building. Aerial view of passenger boat. View of North Bank, Queen's Yacht, St. Paul's etc. People waving from bank. Tower of London. Swans. Tower Bridge. Bridge opening. Port of London authority HQ. Police vessels. Prospect of Whitby riverside public house, people sit outside drinking. Man rows barge. Crewmen sit smoking on boat. Tanker with masts down. American warship with American flag at the stern. Air to ground. Shot of docks. Millwall Dock, grain silos. Dockworker takes handful of grain. Meat is offloaded from ship by crane. Barrels of wine being rolled at London dock. Inspecting wool. Timber is lifted by crane. People embarking at Tilbury docks. People wave them off. Shot of passenger ferry. Shot of sunlight on water in Thames estuary.

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