Film: 7275

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Review of views from South Africa with very English voice-over and in the apartheid era 1950's

Football match between South and North Transvaal: highlights complete with goals and crowds. Israeli Consul-General takes office in Johannesburg. Preview of S.A. Academy Exhibition in Johannesburg - Moses Cotler - a sculptor working in his studio. Freda Lock - a painter working in Cape Town. A Pretorian landscape painter at work. A bearded sculptor working on a large sculpture. Union tour of Governor General of Mozambique. Men in suits looking at large maps. Steel works - external and internal shots. Governor General at Engineering works and large concrete dam for irrigation scheme. Large crane digging trenches. Kimberly and the diamond mine and piles of diamonds. Thabazimbi - South Africa's richest source of iron ore - shots of large expanses of rock. Black workers involved in the physical aspects of mining. Explosives on wagon being hoisted up cliff side on railway tracks. Unloading the explosives (not a white face in sight). White men supervise the placing of explosives in the ground. White men in white coats on the site. Black workers protecting their ears from the explosion. The detonation and the explosion: lots of dust. Men looking and pointing at new rock face. Explosion in slow motion.

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