Film: 7278

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur home movie - 'The Coronation From 6 Carlton House Terrace', 'Coronation Of king George VI and Queen Elizabeth May 1937.'

Starts with murky shots of traffic in the Mall and outside Buckingham Palace. Followed by high angle shots of the Coronation procession interspersed with titles cut from the official programme. Finishes with a few closer shots of some carriages and spectators. Stills of the King and Queen. (pictorial quality of coronation coverage is poor, much inferior to the rest of the footage).
'The Marriage will take place between Mr D.S. Clegg and Miss Ulla Fant - June 17 Saturday Swedish Church' (good job she wasn’t called Ella). Shots of exterior of church and cars arriving. Crowd on pavement and policemen. Guests arriving.
Title ' Here Comes The Bride'. Bride in white wedding dress alighting from car. Bride and groom (in morning dress) coming out of church, followed by bridesmaids and others. Group of guests on steps. Guests leaving church, many in top hats. People tying something to bumper of car. 'End' title.
Title '24th June 1933' (this appears to be film of an earlier wedding, presumably of friends or relatives of Clegg) Bride and groom in garden or field with guests outside a marquee followed by close ups of some people with titles naming them. The happy married couple leave by car which drives away down long country road.
(Following footage should come after 7279, probably) Lady with little boy in garden. Interior. Close up lady standing in front of large fireplace and in front of dressing table, combing her hair. Various interior shots of rooms. Children playing in garden or park.

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