Film: 7279

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Amateur home movie of a family 1930's

'1936 - 1937 A Domestic Affair DUC'
'1936 - 1937 Mickey'. Lady playing with tabby kitten in a garden. Various shots of garden and suburban houses in snow.
'1936 - 1937 A Domestic Affair DUC'. 1937 Michael 1 month, shots of woman and baby.
'Michael 5 months', same woman with baby. Baby in cot and being bottle fed.
Dufaycolour sequence - 'Michael 4 months' very short bit of mother and baby in garden.
B/W - Close up of gramophone turntable and record. Interior shots of baby circa 15 months of age. Exterior shots and in pram. Interior family at dinner table. Exterior family picnic. Baby in playpen. Mother and toddler on the beach. Various shots on beach including father and children playing. Michael about two years old with other children in garden. Mother with new baby.

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