Film: 7280

Aviation | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur home movie of Sweden 1930's

Swedish flag flying. Ships lifebuoy 'Brittania Gotenburg'. Ships and port with lady in foreground. Family on deck. (Probably Clegg family visiting home of mother - Ulla see 7278). Landscape in Sweden. Church. Harbour, family , fishing boat. General holiday footage of family, landscapes, swimming, boating. Ferry steamer. 'The End' title.
'Preparations for the Great Air Race 29th Sept 1936 Portsmouth - Johannesburg'. Map showing route. Sign for Portsmouth Airport. Aircraft lined up on field. 'Vega Gull' - monoplane. 'No 4 Double Eagle Tommy Rose', twin engined aircraft. 'Exit Tommy Rose', group of men walk past camera. 'No 1 Mew Gull Major Miller', close up of man leaning against aircraft. 'No 8 Miles Hawk - A.E. Clouston', close up monoplane and No. 8. 'No 13 Airspeed Envoy', three shots of twin engined monoplane. 'No 2 Vega Gull David Llewellyn', Close up of single engine monoplane and three men smiling at camera. 'Fuelling', aircraft being fuelled. 'Autographs', man signing autograph. 'Inside the Hangar', one dark interior shot. Various exterior shots of aircraft. 'Posed for the press', close up of man and aircraft. Long shot of aircraft number eight (Miles Hawk) taxiing. 'Expectations', aircraft no. 18 taxiing. Ground crew and taxiing plane. Close up door with sign 'Lecture Room Flt. Lt. Llewellyn Chief Instructor'. Close up of pilot in cockpit. Various spectators and aircraft, cockpits. Various aircraft taking off and flying over. Spectators applauding and awards being handed out.
Various shots of family on holiday. Close up of Vauxhall saloon car at seaside (later film than above circa late 1940's) Crowded beach. People in rowing boats. Children in carnival hats. Final seaside footage of poor quality except for last shots of children playing in the sea.

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