Film: 7284

Sport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Cricket 1960's

Test match cricket between Australia and the West Indies. Title over drawing of batsman reads " Brisbane. Mammoth scoring in first test". Shot of packed crowd with scoreboard in background. West Indies' opening batsmen Cammy Smith and Conrad Hunte enter pitch wearing caps. Alan Davidson of Australia bowls to Hunte who hits the ball back to him. Victoria's Ian Meckiff bowls to Cammy Smith who turns the ball to square leg past Lindsay Kline for three runs. Smith drives Davidson through mid-off for four runs. Shot of young spectator in paper hat and sunglasses using binoculars. Davidson bowls to Gary Sobers who nicks the ball just in front of the slip fielders. Having reached his half century Sobers is then shown square driving Aussie captain, Richie Benaud, for four. West Indies have scored 100 for 3. Sobers and Frank Worrell the not-out batsmen. Shot of crowded spectators. The fourth wicket falls at 239 and then Joe Solomon skies Meckiff over the slips for two runs. Kline is then hooked for four by Peter Lashley. Kline then has Lashley caught behind by Wally Grout. Crowd shown applauding as the sixth wicket falls for 283. Solomon pulls Benaud to the fence for four. Shot of wicket from terracing. West Indies all out for 453, then bowl to Australia. Wesley Hall bowls to McDonald who ducks under a full toss. McDonald then shown square cutting Sobers for four and his own half century. Attentive crowd, many wearing hats. Neil Harvey survives an lbw appeal from Sobers. Another shot of crowd seated on grass. Norman O'Neill scores four off Hall. Crowd shot, then Alf Valentine to O'Neill who scores four and his own century. Crowd shot of spectators in hats, shirt sleeves, some with sun glasses and binoculars. Davidson survives an lbw appeal from Sobers. O'Neill hits another four as Australia pass West Indies first innings total.
Second piece of film, title "Melbourne. 90800 set test match record". Shot of packed crowd in ground, 26,000 crowd see opening of the fifth test at Melbourne. Alan Davidson bowls to West Indies opener Cammy Smith, who scores two runs. Elderly female shown in floppy hat, hand holding chin. Kanhai scores a single off Slasher MacKay, Hunte his partner as the ball is fielded by McDonald. Kanhai cuts Aussie skipper Richie Benaud over mid-on for four runs. Aerial shot of packed crowd. Francis Misson bowls to Sobers who clips him through mid-wicket, past O'Neill for two runs. Crowd shot as Saturday crowd is announced as a world record 90,000. Wesley Hall sweeps Bobby Simpson away for a single. Spectators shown in shirt sleeves and floppy hats. Misson bowls hall, who proceeds to walk off in the wrong direction, before being pointed to the right exit. West Indies all out for 292. Aerial shot of crowd, then Worrell bowling to Kanhai, who misfields. Three runs are scored before Hunte returns the ball. Spectator, hand on head, in jumper and sunhat. Simpson scores a single off Sobers to mid-on and reaches 75. Crowd shot then Sobers traps McDonald leg before and crowd stand to applaud. Norman O'Neill scores three off Worrell past Hunte. Seated crowd applaud. O'Neill departs having scored ten and MacKay joins Burge, scoring two runs past square leg. Crowd shot then Hall bowls to Burge, who is caught of a no-ball. Davidson hooks ball for two runs, then a four off his legs, for a score of 24. Australia have a first innings lead. Crowd scene, then Gibbs bowls to Davidson who is caught off a bum-ball, then clean-bowls Benaud for three. Australia finish with a narrow lead of 64 runs. Gibbs ends innings by having Grout caught by Hunte. Abrupt end.

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