Film: 7291

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


How to play American football and in particular, " Offensive Football " 1940's

Crowd in stadium then formation of players on pitch. Balance line, single wing variety. The ball is passed to the full back who makes for his opponent's half. Then an on-balanced line, with a modified single wing to the right. From the single wing formation, the half back receives the ball and goes up the field for a touch-down. Another unbalanced line with a double wing back formation. The back receives the ball and passes it forward to the left wing-back. The ball carrier is away for a substantial gain. A Notre Dame style of play is shown. A "T" and then a Notre Dame "shift". Then the model "T", Shaughnessy style. The back field make the "T", the do not shift, employ a man in motion, a form of deception that sees the ball carrier come through the middle line. Example of blocking by on e of the backs. He mows down the would be tackler and the ball carrier sprints through to the line. Powerful line blocking is shown by Minnesota Powerhouse team. They drive and push their opponents backwards. Deception is shown being employed in blocking. A cross block shows the right and left tackle cross over, take out their man, allowing the ball carrier to advance unhindered. Notre dame coach, Frank Laney, shows his players formation tactics on a blackboard and they study the play. They then trot through it to get the hang of it. The same play is repeated under game conditions and shown in slow motion, finishing with a successful offence. Minnesota demonstrate team play. The end cuts in between the defensive end and tackle. Minnesota make a wedge and the ball carrier drives through. The end taking out the full back to enable the ball carrier to gain lots of yardage. The running guard is shown as a pivot point in the play. He leaves the interference, the quarterback blocks off the defensive man allowing the full back to get closer to the line. Then a double wing back formation with both guards being used. Blocking away from the ball allows the carrier to advance upfield. Princeton illustrate an off-tackle play. The ball is passed diagonally to the fullback who passes it forward to the left pad who crashes through gaining valuable yards. An end run is shown by the Louisiana States team. The full back blocks out the defensive end as the right guard leads the play. He blocks the defensive pass back with the quarter-back putting the safety man out. The same play is shown in a game resulting in a touchdown. The black-jerseyed Navy team demonstrates a reverse play that winds up as an end run. An end run is shown from an Ohio state "C" game. Ohio players block off the would-be tacklers and complete a successful run. Perdoux illustrate the end around play. The left end receives the ball from the left hand and runs behind the line of scrimmage, tucking in behind the right side of the line for a good gain. Mississippi show deceptive ball-handling. It looks like a play to the right as the block is made but the ball carrier steps back for a forward pass. A spot pass is shown. The ball is passed, the back receives it and throws it to the waiting end. Then a spot pass from the man in motion formation. The full back fakes giving it to the man in motion and passes back to the quarter back who throws to the man in motion who has run around the right end thus making a good gain. A forward pass is shown in an actual game, resulting in a touch down. An optional pass is demonstrated. It can be thrown to the left end, left hand or the right end. The pass is made to the right end. The same play is shown in a game and the receiver makes a touch down. Louisiana State show how a shuttle pass is used behind the line of scrimmage. The left half has the ball, plays to the right half as the quarter back leads the interference. The move is then shown in an actual game, resulting in a touch down. An overhand forward pass is shown behind the line in another game winning yardage. Minnesota play an effective pass from a centre. The ball carrier comes through the line, turns and throws a lateral pass to the left hand. Combining a lateral and forward pass is shown.. The right end send the ball laterally to the quarter back. He throws a forward pass to the right end, who is waiting for it. The centre passes the ball to the back who make a statue of liberty play with the end making a run for it.

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